Cops: Don’t blame us for minutemen parade exclusion

The Minutemen/Fourth of July Parade issue is getting more confusing.

Police spokesman Det. Bill Veteran said Fremont police didn’t charge parade organizers extra last year for beefed up policing when the minutemen marched and won’t charge them extra this year if the minutemen are once again allowed.

“We don’t charge for police services when we are protecting a person exercising first amendment rights from someone who may object,” Det. Bill Veteran said.

But Parade Chairwoman Patty Hitchcock said, “That isn’t how they broke it down to us when we were sitting in gigantic meetings with all of the (city) departments.”

I have no inside info on this. My best guess is that no one wanted the minutemen in the parade and now no one wants to be the first amendment bad guy for keeping them out.

The minutemen have said they will sue. I’m not a lawyer, but growing up in New York I remember that judges repeatedly ruled that the Ancient Order of Hibernians, which puts on New York’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade had the right to reject a gay Irish group that wanted to march. This seems like a similar case.