Election update

Here’s the latest on who’s pulled/filed papers to run for local office this November (in alphabetical order). Names in blue are those who have “filed,” meaning they’ve submitted completed paperwork as opposed to just picking up papers to run. Also, names with asterisks at the end are incumbents. The filing period ends Aug. 6.

* Alameda County Water District (2 open seats): 1) Judy Huang*; 2) Paul Sethy

* BART, District 6 (1 seat): 1) Tom Blalock*

* Fremont City Council (2 seats): 1) Vinnie Bacon; 2) Kristen Briggs; 3) Bill Harrison*; 4) John T. Herndon; 5) Fazlur Khan; 6) Kathryn Rhyn McDonald; 7) Anu Natarajan*; 8)) Vladimir Rodriguez; 9) Linda Susoev

* Fremont Unified School District (2 seats): 1) Lara York*

* New Haven Unified School District (2 seats): 1) Jerico Abanico; 2) Rosalinda Canlas; 3) Sarabjit Cheema; 4) Gwen Estes*

* Newark Unified School District (2 seats): 1) Charlie Mensinger*; 2) Gary Stadler; 3) Nancy Thomas*

* Ohlone Community College District, Area 1 (2 seats): 1) Bill McMillin*; 2) Richard Watters*

* Ohlone Community College District, Area 2 (2 seats): 1) Bob Brunton; 2) Ishan Shah

* Union City City Council (3 seats): 1) Subru Bhat; 2) Emily Duncan; 3) James Robert Greaney; 4) Venkataraman Iyer; 5) Forrest Patterson; 6) Gary Singh; 7) Bill Stone

* Washington Township Healthcare District (3 seats): 1) Michael Wallace*



Want to know who’s donated to President-elect Barack Obama’s inaugural event?

Usua Amanam, who’s listed as coming from both Fremont and Union City, has donated a total of $550.

Another Fremont donor, Kofi Tawiah, has contributed $250.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee has a Web page listing all donors who have given at least $200. Top donors forked over $50K. Click here to check out the site.


Like mother, like daughter

UPDATE: Oops, I was mistaken about the gender of the student who’s serving as co-president with Lily Mei’s daughter at their school. The correction is noted below:

ORIGINAL ENTRY: If you follow local school news, then you know by now that Lily Mei was one of three people elected to the Fremont school board on Tuesday.

Well, it turns out she’s not the only politician in the family. The same day that Mei was voted onto the school board, her daughter was elected president of her elementary school’s student council. Actually, the younger Mei tied with another girl boy. Rather than hold a runoff, it appears both girls students will serve as co-president this year.

Could you imagine having two U.S. presidents simultaneously?


Gebhardt’s not the fundraising king after all

Today’s story about local school board candidates raising money for their campaigns named Fremont’s Bryan Gebhardt as the top fundraiser, having amassed $34,296.

Well, he may be the biggest fundraiser among school board candidates in the Tri-City area, but he’s no match for the politicians in the West Contra Costa school district.

There, incumbent Karen Pfeifer has raised nearly $100K (about what the five candidates in Fremont have raised collectively), and Robert Studdiford has collected about $42K. Continue Reading


Union City teen enters mayoral race

Kevin Armonio, an 18-year-old who graduated James Logan High in June, has qualified as a write-in candidate for the Union City mayoral race. He is the only person to challenge the current mayor, Mark Green, who is seeking re-election.

Armonio is studying political science at Chabot College. He said he doesn’t expect to win, but he entered the race to gain experience in politics. Ultimately, he wants to become a legislator.

I’ll have a story about Armonio in either tomorrow or Wednesday’s paper. (I’m working on getting a photo of him.)


Fremont school board incumbent rejects money from developers, orgs

Fremont school board President Ivy Wu, who is seeking re-election, e-mailed me after reading today’s story about campaign fundraising. She said she’s not accepting money “from developers or any organizations.” That’s why she declined the two grand the Fremont Unified District Teachers Association had offered to her.

Also, FUDTA President Jeff Poe explained why the union gave candidate Bryan Gebhardt $2,500 but only offered $2,000 to Wu and Lily Mei.

When the union “pre-endorsed” Gebhardt early on in March, it wrote a check, using funds from FUDTA’s own political action committee. However, after deciding to endorse Mei and Wu this fall, FUDTA turned to the California Teachers Association’s political action committee for money to give the candidates. CTA decided it would offer only $2,000 per candidate. Hence, the discrepancy.

Poe said FUDTA has not decided whether it will offer more money to the other candidates (not that it matters to Wu).

By the way, Poe believes Mei has accepted the $2,000 from the union, although it sounds like she received the check after filing her most recent campaign finance statement with the Registrar of Voters Office. I guess the money will show up in her next finance statement, which is due Thursday.


Prop. 8 may have divided neighbors


UPDATE (10/20/08): As you can see, I finally managed to post this photo on the blog, which I had trouble doing last week.

In case you didn’t see it, there was a story in today’s paper about neighbors in Union City who had lived peacefully alongside each other for two decades until now. One family suspects their neighbor got upset when they hung a sign supporting Prop. 8 on a hedge bordering the properties.

The story has generated some buzz already. Unfortunately, the photos online are not the same as the main photo that ran in the print edition. It’s the photo in print that really tells the story. For some reason, I can’t upload that photo to this blog. I’ll consult with our photographers on Monday about putting the photo online (if I remember).