Fremont Election Winners, non-winners and losers

Next week, I’ll find something else to write about: maybe some migratory bird sightings or a polka Video of the Week segment. But I’m still decompressing the election.


The Oakland A’s: Their main man, Bob Wasserman won for mayor; his main woman, Sue Chan, won for City Council, and the A’s didn’t spend a cent to make it happen.

The Mayor: Wasserman avenges his 1996 loss to Gus Morrison, and picks up another ally on the council. He’s not an arm-twister, but he does have two folks who will be inclined to agree with him most of the time. And, come December, he won’t have give any cross looks in outgoing Conuncilman Steve Cho’s direction.

The City Manager: Wasserman and Fred Diaz go back to Tracy together, and they often see things the same way. If Morrison  Cho had won, Diaz might have been updating his resume.

Bob Wieckowski: He’s the top vote-getter for City Council, and now he’s perfectly positioned to head off to Sacramento in two years to take over for his law office mate, Assemblyman AlbertoTorrico.

Kristi Yamaguchi: The Olympic gold medalist’s gal, Sue Chan, won for City Council and her parents’ picks for Washington Hospital also won. Wonder if she’d give it all away for a Mitt Romney victory in 2012.

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(UPDATE) (UPDATE)Wasserman re-elected, Wieckowski, Chan win council race

All precincts are reporting.

Other races:

Bryan Gebhardt, Ivy Wu(incumbent) and Lily Mei were elected to the Fremont Unified School District

Kevin Harper(incumbent)  Michelle Matthews and Jonas Dino(incumbent) were elected to the New Haven Unified Board.

Measure UU passed.

Fremont voters actually passed a tax. Measure MM coasted to victory.

Teresa Cox ousted Bob Brunton from the Ohlone College Board, while Greg Bonaccorsi defeated David Sheen in a separate Ohlone race.

The incumbents Pat Danielson and Bill Nicholson were re-elected to the Washington Hospital Board.

Fremont Mayor

Candidate                              Votes                 %
Wasserman                            20,406               42.67             
Cho                                        15,429               32.26
Gus Morrison                         9,875                 20.65
Paul Reeder                            1,953                 4.08


Wieckowski                          22,223                27.67
Chan                                     16,709                20.81
Bacon                                    12,735                15.86
Tahmasbi                              11,773                 14.66
Montgomery                           3,922                4.88
Hou Leong                             3,873                4.82
Susoev                                   2,934                3.65
Bartlett                                   2,256                2.81


The powerful Cho, Part II

A reader pointed out to me that the instructor in Steve Cho’s martial arts video, Tae Yun Kim, has some interesting stuff posted about her online. The old tabloid show Inside Edition had a segment that questioned whether she was a cult leader

Check it out: The segment starts at about the 1:45 second mark

To be clear, I’m sure Steve Cho doesn’t have a cultish bone in his body, but after watching the video, I am tempted to ask whether he plans to change his name to Paul Newman, if elected mayor.

For another site critical of her, just click here.

If Cho is elected mayor, he wouldn’t be first in the Bay Area to have fraternized with Kim. Check out what nice things Willie Brown has to say about her in this video.


No Fremont mayoral talk on KGO

Say what you want about the A’s, their ballpark plans for Fremont nearly catapulted the mayoral race into the big time. KGO talk show host Ron Owens wanted to get the city’s three mayoral candidates on the air today to talk about the A’s plan.
Gus Morrison and Steve Cho agreed to the participate, Bob Wasserman did not, said the program’s producer Mark Silverman. KGO wasn’t fully committed to the segment anyway, but it probably would have happened if all three candidates been willing to go on the air, he said.


Express writes about Fremont race/A’s

The East Bay Express had a story this week about how the Fremont mayor’s race could affect whether the A’s come to town. To read, it click here.

The only two assertions in the story that I would disagree with are 1) That Cho is more conservative than Wasserman. They almost always vote identically, at least over the past year; and 2) That John Dutra wields tremendous influence in Fremont. It seems to me that since losing the State Senate race two years ago, and Torrico’s rise in the Assembly, Dutra’s clout has waned. Doesn’t mean he can’t rustle up a lot of money for his slate, but if this were “Dutraville,” his candidates would have locked up more endorsements.


Yamaguchi for Chan

Finally got to look at the campaign filings. The best-known contributor in Fremont is Kristi Yamaguchi. The Olympic champ gave $500 to Sue Chan.

Trisha Tahmasbi had to settle for Fabian Nunez’s campaign fund and Bob Wieckowski’s secretary.

Those of you who keep pointing to Chan’s ties to former Assemblyman John Dutra and Tahmasbi’s ties to her boss, current Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, should feel better than I feel with the NY Giants losing to the Browns at halftime.

If your name was Dutra, you were giving to Chan: John, Dominic, Bernadine, Lisa … Shlomo, Moishe — you name it. The Dutras delivered more than $5,000 to Chan.

As for Tahmasbi, she got more than 5k from the political action committees of 11 state legislators. She also got money from Anu Natarajan, Bill Harrison and his wife, and Wiekowski and his girlfriend. Wieckowski’s secretary, Stacey Stevens, gave Tahmasbi $450.

Overall Chan had more contributions and a higher percentage of contributions coming from Fremont residents.

I wrote a story about this for tomorrow’s paper. to read it, click here.


Campaign finance: not for the impatient

One thing I hate about elections season: campaign finance. Sure, it could be important, and even interesting, to know which candidates have accepted money from special-interest groups and who’s backing whom. But getting one’s hands on those financial statements always ends up being a big pain in the butt.

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Still ticking …

The Wasserman campaign sent me a bunch of pictures from his appearance in Glenmoor this weekend. Since they never used to do that, I’m guessing the statement is that he’s recovered from his most recent bout of pneumonia. I’m also guessing that he’s laughing with this woman and not coughing on her.

Is it just me or is he dressing a lot better since getting sick 10 days ago? That striped shirt in last week’s video is a keeper, and this hat is no slouch either. A more gaudy belt buckle would have completed the look.


Mayoral Debate

 Sorry folks, I couldn’t take notes and blog at the same time. Here’s a rundown of the mayoral debate. Hope it’s not too sloppy. It’s too late to do the council one.

Opening Statement:

Gus Morrison – Comes out swinging. Mentions fact that city asked for big tax hike then suddenly found surplus in 2006, mentions failure of Centerville redevelopment, says council has been all song and dance on the A’s.

Steve Cho – Facing two septuagenarians, he emphasizes that he has energy to be mayor.

Top issue

Morrison: Says it’s how to fund local government. He supports the hotel tax on the Nov. ballot

Cho: Says public safety is top concern. He wants to revisit the city’s burglar alarm policy

A’s ballpark

Cho: Supports it for economic development and national exposure

Morrison: Opposes it. Says everyone would drive to the game and it would be a transportation disaster. Cost Lowe’s and Costco business. If ballpark is built, it should be near NUMMI

Should the A’s proposal go to the voters?

Gus: No

Cho: Yes Continue Reading