Warm Springs Marina Foods to open in “near future”

Navlet’s nursery is long gone and it’s almost time for Fremont Times Square, which will include a Marina Foods and other businesses that cater to an Asian clientele and people like me who like to have a wide selection of tofu and novelty ice cream treats. My favorite is the one with the red bean paste and vanilla ice cream on the inside and an outside wafer shaped like a fish.

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Please donate #1

Steve Cho and two others sent out an email this week on behalf on the 4th of July Parade, which will be in Warm Springs this year. He wrote that “The U.S. is the best country where everybody wants to come.” He also wrote that the parade needs more moolah.

Here’s the key paragraph for people who want to contribute:

If all citizens of Fremont would donate just $1.00, we’ll have a great parade. Here’s an easy way to donate. Just click on this link http://www.fremont4th.org/ to logon to the Fremont July 4 website and select the DONATE button. Or, if you would like to do it the old fashion way via the U.S. mail, you may send it to Fremont Fourth of July Parade, P.O. Box 1372, Fremont, Ca 94538.