Cause of death for Newark’s abandoned baby undetermined

Yesterday we learned that the abandoned baby found in May at a Union City apartment complex died from a bacterial infection contracted through a prolonged labor. It’s probably worth noting that the cause of death for the baby boy found in Newark in 2006 hasn’t been determined, said Newark police Sgt. Bill Shaffer, who was the lead detective on the 2006 case.

Also, I swung by the grave site for Matea Esperanza today to see if there had been any new memorials or flowers (or visitors) — but there didn’t appear to be. If you’re interested in visiting her, she’s in the Eternal Life (near the south eastern corner) area of the Chapel of the Chimes cemetery on Mission Boulevard near the fence line.


Cops: Baby was dead before dumped in trash

Got some breaking news to report. It appears that the newborn girl found in a Union City trash can in May was dead before it was birthed, and likely died from a rare bacteria that entered the mother’s uterus during a prolonged labor. I’ll have more detail — I hope — later today. But the working story is posted here. It will be updated later.