`Brave’ Bank robber charged in federal court

Remember the cases about a year ago in which a man wearing an Atlanta Braves baseball cap was robbing banks and check cashing business in the East and South Bay to payoff gambling debts? Maybe you remember this picture?

Well, the man suspected of those crimes has been charged in federal court. Court records show Shaun Shinkyu Kim, A 27-year-old Fremont man, has been charged with a dozen crimes, all of which are a variation of robbery.

In all, authorities believe the man stole almost $58,000 during the six month stretch. In most of the heists only a few thousands dollars were stolen. But in the last one, June 10, 2008, the robbery suspect made off with more than $18,000.





‘Brave’ Bandit stikes again?

bankrobberbraves.jpgWord on the police scanner is that Milpitas had a bank robbery about 11 a.m. that may have been committed by the guy whose robbed a bunch of banks in Fremont over the last few months. In case you forgot, the guys looks like this. Note the Atlanta Braves baseball cap.

Update (11:39 a.m.): Fremont cops stopped a car (black Honda) with a similar description and ordered the driver out at gunpoint on Interstate 880 near Decoto Road. Turns out it was not the bank robber. Cops still on the lookout for perpetrator.


“Brave” bank robber strikes again …

robber1.jpgWord in the law enforcement community is that a bank robber who has donned an red and blue Atlanta Braves baseball cap during two bank robberies in Fremont over the last two weeks struck again, this time in Livermore. Details are lacking at this point, but the robber apparently hit a bank in Livermore sometime late Friday afternoon, some time after the FBI offered a $5,000 reward, sources tell me. Meanwhile, in case you forgot, here’s what the guy looks like, and my story from last week.


UPDATE: Bank robber linked to 9 crimes

robber.jpgWell, looks like there is more to this bank robbery than originally thought. Earlier I posted that a bank robbery tthis morning may be linked to a case that happened Tuesday. As it turns out, police think the robber may be responsible for NINE such crimes in the area since November. There’s a new story on our Web site, but just incase the site doesn’t show the surveillance picture. Here it is …


Seen any “Brave” bank robbers lately?

braves.jpgPolice this morning are looking for a bank robber who knocked off two banks in the last 24 hours while wearing this kind of cap. Look for the short story to hit the Web soon. Cops say the robber is an Asian man in his mid to late 20s who was wearing an Atlanta Braves cap and driving a black Honda Accord. Anyone with information may call police at 510-790-6900.