Dodgers moving to Fremont?

I stopped by a Wal-Mart in Fremont during my lunch break today and noticed something rather disturbing — the store is selling Los Angeles Dodgers gear. There just feet away from the local — A’s and Giants — apparel was a rack FULL of Dodgers shirts. I thought chain stores were only allowed to sell merchandise of championship teams, the Yankees, and whatever team(s) has the local territorial rights over certain areas. Guess not. Maybe it’s the Dodgers who are coming to Fremont and not the A’s. Obviously I’m kidding.


‘Brave’ Bandit stikes again?

bankrobberbraves.jpgWord on the police scanner is that Milpitas had a bank robbery about 11 a.m. that may have been committed by the guy whose robbed a bunch of banks in Fremont over the last few months. In case you forgot, the guys looks like this. Note the Atlanta Braves baseball cap.

Update (11:39 a.m.): Fremont cops stopped a car (black Honda) with a similar description and ordered the driver out at gunpoint on Interstate 880 near Decoto Road. Turns out it was not the bank robber. Cops still on the lookout for perpetrator.


Are the “Fremont A’s” official?

Not sure how many of you listen to the Jim Rome show in the mornings, but in case you missed it Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane was interviewed this morning. At one point Rome, whom you might remember from his dubious ribbing of Jim Everett many moons ago, referred to Fremont. He asked Beane if his intent with his off-season moves was to shore up a young, quality team for when the club moves into the new stadium in the future … Continue Reading