SWAT incident in North Fremont

UPDATE: Teen arrested after running from home to nearby church, gun recovered. Story to come shortly …

Fremont cops are currently (10 a.m.) working a SWAT incident near Paseo Padre Parkway and Darwin this morning. Word is they are looking for a teen who stole a gun out of a truck at a liquor store last night.


Fremont officers honored by the governor

In today’s paper there is a short item about two Fremont police officers receiving the Medal of Valor from the governor this week for their efforts last November when they saved a 40-year-old woman from her burning apartment on Mowry Avenue. Here’s the picture of the officers with the governor. This did not appear in the paper. Officers John Anderson and Brian Shadle are persons three and four from left to right in this image.


“Brave” bank robber strikes again …

robber1.jpgWord in the law enforcement community is that a bank robber who has donned an red and blue Atlanta Braves baseball cap during two bank robberies in Fremont over the last two weeks struck again, this time in Livermore. Details are lacking at this point, but the robber apparently hit a bank in Livermore sometime late Friday afternoon, some time after the FBI offered a $5,000 reward, sources tell me. Meanwhile, in case you forgot, here’s what the guy looks like, and my story from last week.


Sirens in Centerville this weekend?

If you heard sirens in Centerville late Saturday night they were two police agencies converging on the area seeking three suspected car thieves. The California Highway Patrol followed a vehicle off Interstate 880 into Centerville where the thieves ditched the vehicle. Fremont police and CHP officers arrested two juveniles after  a short search on suspicion of vehicle theft, authorities said.


Fremont has 3 homicides this year? Wrong.

Not sure how many people are looking at the Fremont Police Department’s Web site these days, but in case you missed it, the department now posts its crime stats online.


Unfortunately they have an error in a pretty important category: Homicides. The site reports there have been 3 homicides this year. Click the thumbnail …  Continue Reading