People, put your food waste in the big green bin!

Apparently some single-family homeowners haven’t quite figured out that they’re supposed to transfer their food waste from the little food bin to the big green yard waste bins.

Union City Mayor Mark Green said that Albany, Emeryville and Oakland are getting county grants to put stickers on the big green bins alerting homeowners to put their food waste inside. Right now, Dublin is the only Alameda County city with the sticker, Green said. Union City might try to get a similar grant.

In Union City, some people put the little green food bin on the curb rather than dumping into the big yard waste bin, said Councilman Richard Valle, who runs the non-profit that handles the city curbside recycling.


Union City mayor, councilman threatened by fireworks users, Police chief compares some of them to “cockroaches”

It’s a Union City July 4 tradition for council members to drive around town, sometimes with the police chief, to check on all the illegal fireworks. But Mayor Mark Green and Jim Navarro got a little more than they bargained for driving around in a convertible last Friday night on Chimney Lane.

“We were threatened actually,” Navarro said. “A bunch of teenagers, they warned us we should have our top down because they’re going to throw something at us.”

Green was not pleased. “We need a different plan in 2009 on this,” he said. “Several locations that we’ve gone to, it’s gotten worse.” One popular site for illegal fireworks, he said, was the city’s own corporation yard.

Police Chief Greg Stewart chimed in say that people setting off illegal fireworks actually had friends out with radios alerting them when patrol cars were passing through. “As cockroaches do they scurry back into the darkness when officers were around …”

Here’s a video of my favorite Union City pyro-wizard. He taped fireworks to his skateboard.