Omeed Popal heading back to court on Monday

Fremont resident Omeed Popal, the guy charged with murder in connection with the 2006 hit and run spree that killed a man in Fremont and left more than a dozen injured in San Francisco, is headed back to court on Monday. Baring some unforeseen event, he will be arraigned on the murder charge and then likely plead not guilty, which is pretty standard. Popal is currently being held in an Alameda County jail without bail.


Popal returns to court; trial set for September

(UPDATE: Link for online story.) 

Hit-and-run suspect Omeed Aziz Popal returned to court in San Francisco this morning for a brief hearing. The court was expected to receive reports from two doctors regarding Popal’s sanity, but that didn’t go as planned. Only one doctor submitted their report. The other, according to Judge Carol Yaggy, needed more time to review Popal’s medical records before forming an opinion. So what did we learn today? We learned that Popal’s trial is technically scheduled to start in late July, but opening statements will not begin until September. I’ll get a story on our Web site soon enough, and there will be one in tomorrow’s paper.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, traffic and parking are still horrendous in San Francisco.