Fremont is not always Fremont.

There is a report on the Web site for one of our local television stations that mentions a man being arrested in Fremont on suspicion of rape in Mexico. What the report fails to mention is that this is Fremont, Neb. Yes, Nebraska, as in clear across the country. The report was not produced by said television station though, so it’s not their fault per se. It was written (or re-written) by a local wire service. Here is the original short story as printed in the Omaha World-Herald. Figured I’d let our good readers know what’s going on before they think we’re slippin’.


Rape suspect not in court today

Another head’s up for you readers: Apparently James Cannon Henderson, the 39-year-old man who was arrested Tuesday following a lengthy standoff in south Fremont, will not be in court today.

Sources say the case will not be taken to prosecutors for charging until Thursday. Henderson likely will face charges of rape and assault with a deadly weapon after being arrested in connection with the beating and rape of a 35-year-old self-professed prostitute from San Francisco.