Real seal pics

Here is the scene on Thornton Avenue in Newark today shortly after the an elephant seal left the street.


And here’s the little cutie back in the water:


Here’s the cutline:
A Northern Elephant Seal swims in the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Newark, Calif. Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008. The almost yearling, or ‘weaner’, as it’s referred to by staff at the Marine Mammal Center, probably got into the refuge at high tide, and at one point crawled up on Thornton Ave. in Newark, causing the road to be shut down. He eventually started heading out to sea again, while monitored by U.S. Fish and Wildlife personell. (Bea Ahbeck/The Argus)


Seal in Newark

UPDATE: The seal crossed the road and made it the water by the time our photographer got there. We might have some pictures of a seal in water, though. Hot Stuff. No facial scars on this seal, reportedly. 

Scanner chatter says a seal is trying to cross Thornton Avenue in Newark. We’re sending someone to try to get a picture.