I Was Wrong About Andris

When you go to ESPN.com’s NBA stats page, they have the headshots of six statistical leaders. There’s Carmelo Anthony, who leads the league in scoring, and Dwight Howard, the NBA’s rebound leader. You see Steve Nash’s grin in the assists category, Emeka Okafor in blocks and Ron Artest in steals. In the last category, field goal percentage, is a face most NBA fans wouldn’t recognize, under which is a name most NBA fans couldn’t pronounce.
Andris Biedrins.
I am ready and happy to acknowledge how wrong I was about Biedrins. I always thought Biedrins had some talent, but he was so raw, I figured he would turnout to be just a nice role player some day. But this guy has improved exponentially and is really turning out to be a force.
He catches everything. He’s a phenomenal finisher and I can no longer underestimate how much of a difference his hustle makes.
Biedrins’ skillset is not impressive to the eye, which I clearly let influence my opinion. While it may be ugly, his game is productive and still growing. He’s doing up-and-unders, taking guys off the dribble, finishing in traffic. He’s on the road to becoming a pretty solid player. Maybe not a star, but a legitimate starting center.
I certainly didn’t see that coming.

Marcus Thompson