Monta Does It Again!

Carmelo Anthony, why didn’t you try to block it?! Marcus Camby, why did you take pictures?!
Both jumped, and I thought they were going to try to block Monta Ellis’ jam. But both thought better of trying to go for the block. Smart for them, but I wish they did try to block it, because Monta’s dunk would’ve been even sweeter had they gotten in the way. All it needed was some arms in there, get the foul to go with it.
I jumped out of my seat when Ellis took off and powered it home with the right hand. I could tell (based on the facial he served up on Leandro Barbosa) from the way he accelerated past Earl Boykins that he was going for the dunk. I didn’t realize it until the replay that he took off from the DOTTED LINE. Dang! He’s so quick with his leaps, I think this might be a regular occurrence.

Marcus Thompson