Barnes is a Beast

This is the Matt Barnes I remember. This Barnes looks more like the do-it-all super-sub who was key off the bench with the Clippers, the Kings and his first stint in Philly.
This is exactly the kind of player the Warriors needed last season off the bench — someone with size, athleticism, skills, versatility. He’s what Zarko Cabarkapa would be if he rebounded and defended. Even more, he’s mild-mannered, unassuming and not really into personal glory. He’s the perfect role player who has the tools to star for you hear and there, like he’s doing tonight.
When I heard they signed Barnes, I knew it would be a good move if he got the opportunity. Fortunately for the Warriors, injuries have forced Barnes into the lineup.
But it makes you wonder, watching Barnes put up 17 in the third quarter Saturday, what was Philadelphia thinking by not playing him?

Marcus Thompson