One of the most frustrating things about watching the Warriors play is their propensity for leaving known shooters wide open. I’m so tired of seeing players so out of position they have to haul tail to just to get a hand up. What’s worse is they allow themselves to get sucked into the paint, where they don’t even defend the basket.
It happened all game long against Phoenix. They kept leaving Raja Bell open even though he was clearly on fire. It happened against San Antonio. There was a drive late in the game, when the Warriors had a chance to put it away, where Tony Parker drove to the basket and Mike Dunleavy left Brent Barry — a known 3-pointer shooter — to chase Parker. What did Parker do? Kick it out to Barry, who hit a 3-pointer.
It’s not just Dunleavy. They all do it. Baron. J-Rich. They all lose focus, scattering around trying to get steals and blocks, leaving their man all alone to set their feet, lick their fingertips, practice their form, calm down with a few deep breaths, shave, and wait for the kick out pass.
If you’re guarding a shooter, especially with the game on the line, why not face guard your man? Let the guys defending less-capable shooters help out. Don’t let a team back in the game by giving them open looks at the three.

Marcus Thompson

  • Brian

    Marcus, perfect assessment… “You produce what you fear”…Nelson threatening to bench players if they miss freethrows creates, duh, missed freethrows…Recommend they all read “Zen Golf” that would help them get in the right frame of mind before they get to the stripe!

  • commish

    How prophetic your words in light of the collapse at the very end of the Indiana game. Why can’t Nellie correct another major defect that may cost us a playoff berth?

  • jonathan Hanson

    When I thought about this (another great point Marcus) first I thought it was just the kids trying to “collapse” the lane because they’re told to but staying there too long and unnessessarily. I thought soon they’ll get comfortable with Nelson and their assignments.

    But yes, they ALL do it, even the vets.

    And it seems to be our vets who don’t have that part of a complete game, figuring out when to collapse the lane and when to fan out and commit the right space to getting out to the shooter.

    I think the kids may turn out better at this trait in the long run.

    And like was said, it’s not like they’re DOING anything other than showing towards the lane, so why not always be able to get to the shooter?

    Nelson should, with time, at least improve this.