OAKLAND Warriors

I’m going to start this blog by getting something off my chest, something that’s been bothering me.

I’m an Oaklander, born and raised, from Sobrante Park Elementary School to Claremont Middle School to Oakland Tech High. I’ve been a Warriors fan since Jerome Whitehead was one of the top scorers. And it bothers me that my hometown team doesn’t represent my hometown.

What is this GOLDEN STATE junk?!

Change the name to OAKLAND WARRIORS.

I really took notice of this in college. At Clark Atlanta University, there were mostly East Coast natives in my freshmen class. We spent many days debating hoop. I often heard statements like: “Where does Golden State play?” and “Why do you like Golden State if you’re from Oakland and they’re from Los Angeles?”

I take it as a slight to my hometown that the Warriors refuse to change the name. This is not a question of the Warriors’ presence in Oakland. I know firsthand of the work they do in the city and benefited from some of it myself growing up. But I can’t help but feel like they’re embarrased to be associated with us on a national scale. I feel like the girlfriend in a relationship where the guy introduces her as “my friend” or “co-worker.”

Why is it they aren’t the Oakland Warriors? They were the San Francisco Warriors when they played in San Francisco. They were the Philadelphia Warriors when they played in Philadelphia.

Furthermore, GOLDEN STATE doesn’t make sense, anyway. The Warriors don’t represent the state of California. The only other teams in the league to represent an entire state in their name — Indiana, Minnesota, Utah, NewJersey — are the only team in their state. So they actually represent the entire state as far as the NBA is concerned.

The Warriors are representing a state with three other teams! If anything, it should be the GOLDEN STATE LAKERS. They’re the franchise with the fan base that spans the entire state. Not the Warriors, whose real estate shrunk even more in recent years with the rise of the Sacramento Kings.

And don’t give me the nonsense about we don’t want to alienate the rest of the Bay Area. That argument has been rendered moot by the litany of teams that carry a fan base much larger than the boundaries of the city they represent. San Ramon season ticket holders aren’t going to back out, sponsorship won’t decrease, if the Warriors officially claim Oakland. If they did, they’ll be back if the team becomes a winner.

Let’s just say it will offend the rest of the area if Oakland is singled out. Fine. Then how about the BAY AREA WARRIORS. That makes more sense than Golden State. Either way, it’s time the Warriors — especially if they’re about to be a contender in the coming years — settle down and make a commitment. It’s time the Warriors stop being a “playa” and keeping their “options open” and respect the area that has lined their pockets for decades despite their lack of success. Enough with this Golden State crap.

Show my city some love.