Whipped Cream, Please!

Any Warriors fan who watched Monta Ellis on Rome is Burning had to panic when they saw Ellis’ vision being impaired by a shaving cream pie to the face, courtesy of Baron Davis. It’s all in good fun, punkin’ the youngster on a rare national tv appearance. But what if Monta really had eye problems as a result? He says he’s fine, but we’ll see tonight. If he’s way off on his pull-up jumper, you know he’s lying to cover for Baron.
So, here’s my plea, before someone has to miss a game from the pink eye. Use Whipped Cream!

Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it:


Marcus Thompson

  • Jonathan Hanson


    I concur (and can we get some goggles and floor mats, traction for those baseball champaign clinchers?)

    And if I see anyone try to chest bump Baron anytime soon….

    I missed the Rome interview, but couldn’t we keep Monta kinda a secret just a little longer?