Protective Nellie

With Jason Richardson out, Ellis started. But Nellie started the game with a couple of unusual defensive moves. He opened the game with Murphy on Tim Duncan and Baron Davis off the ball and guarding Bruce Bowen.
Everyone knows Murphy stands no chance at guarding Duncan. But my guess is he did it to protect Andris from getting in early foul trouble. He started Baron off the ball, my guess, to save his legs for the end of the game. Because without J-Rich, it could be a 40-plus minute night for Baron.
I say it’s just another sign of Nelson’s ability to improvise and adjust.

Marcus Thompson

  • Jonathan Hanson

    As Warriors fans, we’re lucky Don was available. Can you imagine Montgomery coaching without JRich healthy? Lost. Lost with him. Andris wouldn’t even get 25 min’s. Ellis the same probably.

    I mean, you make a great point. Andris was always in foul trouble in Monte’s tutelage. All of sudden….

    I suppose it COULD have been all timing and Andris was going to explode no matter who was coaching him, but i bet it’s been greatly enhanced by Nelson’s influence. I guess that’s a bit obvious, but still, you’ve got to like it.

    And if they can make even a “going forward” trade this year that really is going forward, maybe next year for real we will be poised to push the playoffs barrier down.