Ten Reasons

I’m going to bite David Letterman a little bit with a Ten Reasons segment of the blog, though I assuredly won’t be as funny. This edition, as I watch Houston run circles around Oakland’s best JV Squad, is “Ten Reasons: The Warriors Won’t Make the Playoffs.”
10. Richardson’s Health – Chances are, he won’t ever get to the health and conditioning he’s accustomed to. It’s just too hard to play catch-up during the season. If and when he does catch-up, it will probably be too late.
9. Too Young – They just have too many inexperienced players in the meat of the rotation
8. Not Athletic Enough – Especially in the frontcourt. They just don’t match up with the horses in the West.
7. They Don’t Make Free Throws – Leaving so many points at the line always catches up with you.
6. Baron Isn’t Ready to Lead – He can take over a game, even carry a team from time to time, but he can’t overcome flawed teammates like a Kobe or LeBron.
5. They Don’t Have Enough Creators – Even with Nelson’s offensive genius, Baron is the only player who can consistently create shots for himself and others
4. They Don’t Play Defense – Playoff teams, even the poor defensive ones, get stops when necessary.
3. They Don’t Score Consistently Enough – They have offensive fire power, but because they rely on jump shots, which don’t fall as much on the road and when the pressure’s on, they will always be prone to droughts.
2. They Can’t Finish – The Warriors blow too many games down the stretch, something they can’t afford to do in a playoff hunt.
1. The Western Conference is Too Tough – Considering Dallas, San Antonio, Utah, Phoenix and the Clippers are playoff locks, that leaves three spots. But Houston, Denver, the Lakers and the Hornets are all better teams. So even if the Clippers never get going (which they will), there’s still no room for the Warriors.

Feel free to come up with your own Ten Reasons. Or Five. Or Three. Or Whatever,

Marcus Thompson