Allen Iverson for Jason Richardson?

The Sixers won’t take Baron Davis. Dunleavy and/or Murphy won’t be enough. Maybe the make the trade if J-Rich is involved. Maybe the take Pietrus and Murphy and Diogu, but they’ll likely want a major player.
Would you do it? Or would you only acquire Iverson if it didn’t mean giving up Richardson?
Your thoughts.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    No way. Just look at what happened to the Steph and Steve show in NY.

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I wouldn’t do it either. I just don’t see how Baron and AI fit well together, particularly if you have Monta and Pietrus already (and even Dunleavy as a ballhandler). James’ Steph and Steven comparison is apt. What the Warriors really need is a power forward who can play decent defense and rebound. Murphy is supposed to be that guy, but he can’t guard anyone. Ike is a good offensive player at the 4, but doesn’t seem very strong defensively either.

  • MC

    Stephen Jackson, Tinsley, Foster to Sixers.

    Murphy (ND grad), Dunlevey, Cabarkaba (sorry for the spelling) to Indiana.

    Iverson to the W’s

    Would the Pacers do this is the question.

  • Channing

    I would make the deal for any other Warrior except Richardson. If Richardson could make his free throws he’d be among the leaders in scoring.

    Richardson is younger than Iverson, makes less money, and is more of a team player and has a better work ethic. People forget with Iverson you have to contend with the “I don’t need to practice” attitude which doesn’t help your team.