What happened to the offense?

Remember when the Warriors used to run the break, knock down open threes and convert alley oops from halfcourt? Now the offense looks eerily similar to last year’s. They are walking the ball up court, relying on Baron to make something happen.
They really miss Richardson, and Diogu.
They miss Richardson because opposing defenses had to pay attention to him, which opened things up for others. Nevermind the 15-25 points he gave you, the diversion alone was helpful.
They miss Diogu because now when the offense stalls, they have nowhere to go other than Baron. Ideally, when jumpers aren’t falling and the fast break is stalled, you’d like to get the ball inside. Diogu is their best low-post player and would be a big help to the offense and inside-out game if they could go to him even in spots.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    What do you think of Brezec from Charlotte.
    He has been good over the last two years but doesnt seem to be getting much playing time now.
    Could we pick him up cheaply?

  • Marcus Thompson

    Primoz is working his way back from injury. But one of the reason’s he’s not playing is because he has a hard time playing in their style. He’s slow and unathletic. He makes Adonal Foyle look like Monta Ellis. He wouldn’t fit in Nellie’s system.