Poor Murph

If I’m Troy Murphy, I want to be traded.
I’f I’m Murphy, I’m ready for a new start. Forget this small ball stuff. Don Nelson, in effect, has neutralized the Murphy’s contributions. There was a time when you could count on 15 and 10 from Murphy. This year, he’s averaging 11 and 6 (though his assists are way up).
The fact is, Murphy is not a center in a small lineup. He’s a power forward in any lineup. This business of spotting him up and that’s it, it just doesn’t fit his game. He never gets to the line anymore, he hardly grabs an offensive rebound. He’s totally reliant on his teammates getting him the rock.
Murphy needs to be in a halfcourt system, or at least play for a team that likes to get the big men involved. He needs some plays run his way. At least Monty used to dump it down to him some, pick-and-pop him to death. Considering his defensive shortcomings, Murphy needs to be a factor on the offensive end to justify his minutes. As it stands now, he’s an after thought — which is why he’s sitting on the bench in the fourth quarter. There are ocassional games where he’ll go off for a big night — his shot will be falling, the defense will be focused elsewhere, his teammates will be looking for him. But those nights won’t be the regular. Not on this team. Not in this system.
That’s why, if I’m Murphy, I’d be hoping my locker is emptied out.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    Murph isnt playing tonight!
    Do you kno if there is any reason for this or could it be because he is to be traded.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Sore left foot, officially

  • James

    As with Adonal, I love the guy not the game. Murphy is a good guy, but his game just doesn’t fit in with the Warriors running game. He’s slow, has no post game, and has bad defense. But he’s a double double guy in a half-court set and has range.

    Oh yeah, he’s overpaid too. Well all NBA players are… but he’s an overpaid overpaid nba player.

  • redape

    i loved murphy the last few years. i saw him as one of the only warriors who came to work, set down his lunchbox, put on his hard hat and got us double double production. he is now non-existent and i’ll kinda miss him if he’s traded…because i bought his jersey.