Keep the Trade Rumors Coming

Because obviously, Baron plays better when he’s mentioned on the trade block.
Did you see him split the defenders and take off on Bonzi Wells? That was a player clearly on a mission to prove his worth. That was a player frustrated with losing and looking to lift his team.
Check out Davis’ numbers since the news about Iverson demanding a trade, and subsequently the trade speculation, surfaced last Friday:

19.3 points, 12.0 assists and 8.0 rebounds and just 2.3 turnovers

That’s not counting tonight’s game in Houston. With 4:24 left in the game, Baron’s got 31 points and seven assists in 31 minutes.
For Boom Dizzle, he’s so good and the game comes so easy to him sometimes that I think he needs some motivation. And nothing motivates him like being doubted and having something to prove.
So when the Iverson trade rumors die, the Warriors should start up another one. Baron for Chauncey Billups, straight up. Yeah, that outta keep this hot streak going.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    You’re right, remember when he first came to the Warriors? He came with the mindset to prove something to everyone and did amazing. I hope he stays this way.

    Also, it’s no coincidence that we’re 5-0 when Murphy has not played…

  • JJC


    Agree with your BD rumor induced performance comments … wondering why that doesn’t also work for other W’s … don’t answer that …

    Also agree with your previous poor Murph needs a fresh start comments … do you think the Bulls would be interested in Murph for PJ Brown?

  • Marcus Thompson

    Doubt that seriously. PJ is an asset because his contract is up after this year. That’s $8M coming off their cap — which will help their pursuit of KG.