Wow, Yao!

What if the ping pong balls had fallen differently? What if, like the NFL, the worst record in the league garnered the highest draft pick?
Yao Ming would have been a Warrior.
How good would the Warriors be if they had a lineup featuring Yao, Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy and Gilbert Arenas (he would’ve stayed if they had Yao)?
This dude Yao is no joke. He is a Hall of Famer, and because of his game and not his social impact. He’s practically unstoppable if he gets the ball steadily. He’s so big and skilled. And you can’t even foul him like you do Shaq because Yao’s an excellent free throw shooter (how many centers shoot the tecnical fouls?).
Especially if he stays with Tracy McGrady, Yao’s got a few championships in him. Remember, he’s only 26 and this is just fifth year. He’s got a lot of growing still to do.
Just think. He could’ve been a Warrior.

Marcus Thompson