Monta’s Got a Lot to Learn

With Baron Davis on the court, Don Nelson repeatedly put the ball in Monta’s hands and told him to make a play. Opportunity.
He was on the positive end of a height, speed and athleticism disparity against Steve Nash, who is a lackluster defender at best. Advantage.
The result was three turnovers, no points and a spot on the bench in the final minute plus. Failure.
“He’s good and bad,” Don Nelson said after the Warriors loss to Phoenix. “He’s just a young player that’s going to have his ups and downs. I just need him to be consistent, but I understand that it’s going to take some growth and some years. He’s only 21 years old. I’m very proud of him. He’s a terrific player. I just have to wait on him, but I’m 66, I can’t be too patient.”
Ellis has to develop his left hand, has to develop a go-to move and has to learn time and situation. He is an exceptional talent, but his youth and inexperience sometimes overshadows his ability. It did Friday, tainting a 24-point, six-assist performance. Ellis takes too many low-percentage jumpers at the wrong time. He can’t improvise with his dribble when the defense takes away his strengths and he doesn’t get to the free throw line enough.
As good as he’s been, Friday displayed how much he has still to learn. Can you imagine how good he will be when he gets that down?

Marcus Thompson

  • redape

    i think a lot of us got all hot and bothered about our new star and forgot that he still has a lot of rising to do. he’s mentioned getting used to not being the focus of the offense and Nelson’s commented on him having to shrug off his high school “half-assed” basketball style. i’m glad that he’s getting such good minutes but after 7 turnovers in toronto i start to get nervous when he’s controling the ball late in a close game. it’s going to be a blast watching him continue to grow. i’m already mentally archiving highlights. i’ll be busting out i was there when monta….stories in 6 years.