B-More, Carmelo

It goes without saying that ‘Melo was way out of pocket by bombing on Mardy Collins like that. But, if you’re going to be ‘hood, be ‘hood. ‘Melo lost points in the NBA world and the commercial world with his actions in Saturday’s brawl. But he also lost points in the streets with his rapid retreat after landing his surprise blow. He was backpedalling Champ Baily.
‘Melo. You’re from the 410. I know, because it’s on your Jordans, which I have. You’re representing one of the toughest, most dangerous cities in the country and you’re pulling off a hit-and-run on national TV like that? If you were a character on the Wire, set in your hometown of Baltimore, they’d put you in a vacant for a stunt like that.
Melo was out of like, totally, for what he did. I do not support violence of any kind. But at least Stephen Jackson went full-fledge with his thuggery. Jermaine O’Neal didn’t half run after unleashing his haymakers.
Melo’s back-pedaling was almost as bad Ron Artest, who was angry and tough enough to run into the crowd during Brawl I, but not to take on Ben Wallace.
C’mon, Melo. Either B-More. Or B-More!

Marcus Thompson