Road Trip from Hades

The Phoenix loss was understandable, inspiring even considering the resolve they showed. But then how in the world do you explain losing to Toronto with Chris Bosh on the bench in street clothes?
This just goes to show how mediocre the Warriors team are. They are not playoff contenders because they can’t bring it every night. They are 1-8 on the road. When this is all said and done, they could be 1-12 and 12-17 overall. That would be a terrible way to head into Christmas.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    They are just the most inconsistent team in the NBA. This is one team where they have an equal chance of winning/losing against an elite team and a lottery team.

  • sean

    it happens again! tv crew acts like its just bad luck. 4th quarter collapse. no rebounds, no post game, and turnovers. it is up to nellie to fix it. what can he do? going small doesn’t work b/c things get tight.

  • beau

    perhaps i’m misreading things, but it looks to me that Nelson is resigned to taking losses in order for ellis to learn. if any other player (besides davis) made the mistakes he does, Nelson would yank him out of the ball game. Dunleavy, Pietrus, Barnes get pulled for stupid turnovers and lack of production, but Nelson stays with Ellis through thick and thin, most of the time. Of course, this is counterbalanced by his heavy reliance on Davis, which he sees as his best chance to win. the problem is, he is playing these guys so much that they are dead by the 4th quarter and are jacking up jumpshots that hit front rim b/c they don’t have their legs. the nets game is a prime example. davis was exhausted, and it was obvious, but nellie stayed with him. he needed a 4 min blow, like frank give kidd, so he could go hard in the 4th. i don’t see why he can’t sub roberson in for 4 min. we have enough smalls. it’s one thing for biendrins to be “playing tired”. it shouldn’t happen with the little guys.