Slim Playoff Chances Now Even Slimmer

It looks as if the Warriors, who can’t seem to get a road win even in the embarrassing Atlantic Division, are done for this season. They’ve blown a season’s-worth of fourth-quarter leads already and the injury bug they’ve gotten clearly isn’t the 24-hour one. Nevertheless, you could make a case that they have time to rebound. There is plenty season left and they’ll be better with a healthy Jason Richardson, Ike Diogu and Troy Murphy.
BUUUUUUUT, the Western Conference has gotten even tougher now that Allen Iverson is on the left side (a.k.a. the best side).
As I posted before, pretty much five of the eight Western Conference playoff spots are all but taken: San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, the Northwest Divison winner (Utah) and the Clippers (I still believe they’ll get it together, but feel free to swap the Clippers with Houston, because they’re in).
That leaves three spots, and here are the teams competing for those spots: Houston (or the Clippers), the Lakers, Denver and the Hornets. That’s four teams fighting for three spots, and I haven’t mentioned the Warriors yet.
Now, you could’ve made the case that the Warriors are better than Denver and the Hornets. But with Iverson joining Carmelo and J.R. Smith in George Karl’s uptempo offense, Denver has moved much closer to the Lakers and Houston than to the Hornets and Warriors.
The Nuggets are already the second-highest scoring team in the league. Now they’ll have the league’s two highest-scoring players. They probably won’t be strong enough to knock off Dallas or San Antonio, but they are good enough to hurt the Warriors chances.

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    it’s more like this…phoenix, lakers, texas 3, denver and utah, (barring season ending injury to centerpiece of team-nash, duncan, kobe, mcgrady etc) are all in. warriors are battling 3 other teams for 8th spot: sac (who look terrible, but a lot of this is attributed to bibby’s shot being off, and if his hand heals properly and he starts shooting well, they’ll look more formidable) clippers (i live in la and have had a chance to see many of there games, and they also look terrible. casell looks like he aged 5yrs since last season, Kaman is less of a surprise to teams and is therefore less effective as teams now gameplan for him, brand is getting double and triple teamed, having to kick out, and the clippers greatest weakness is exposed, they can’t shoot! also, everyone in la is pissed b/c they weren’t willing to give up livingston for AI) hornets (they have paul, which is saying a lot, but with peja and west out for significant amounts of time, they are going to struggle to score, as has been evidenced the last 2 weeks) minnesota (play good solid d, but also struggle to score, and they play mediocre basketball like the rest of the teams on the list). all of these teams are extremely flawwed, as are the warriors, but the w’s have just as much chance as these guys for the 8th spot.

  • j

    Without a trade for some inside help it will be impossible for the Warriors to make the playoffs. There are just too many good teams in the West to be able to win with the sad collection they have at the 4 and 5 spots. Mully get Beidrins some help…

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