Not All Bad

I’ve been pretty down on the Warriors lately. I just have this “Same ‘Ol Warriors” feeling in my gut. But some of you guys keep bombarding my pessimism with your inexplicable naïveté.
It’s wearing off.
You’re right. As it stands now, the Warriors – currently up by 10 in the first quarter – are sitting in the eighth spot in the West. As it stands now, the Warriors – despite the wealth of injuries – are just a game under .500 with several winninable games coming up on the calendar (home vs. Philly and Boston, at Sacramento, the Hornets and Memphis). With Houston headed for the tank, the Clippers struggling to gain their footing and Sacramento heading for the lottery, you can’t help but wonder ‘Why the Warriors?’
Sure, Troy Murphy is still out and Monta Ellis is hurting. Sure, Jason Richardson and Ike Diogu have a ways to go before they’re in midseason form. Sure, Andris Biedrins, in his third season, has finally hit the rookie wall.
But it’s not all bad. Right?

Marcus Thompson