This is Their Chance

After spanking on terrible Philadelphia, the Warriors seem like they’ve got too much for the Paul Pierceless Celtics. That’s puts them one game over .500.
Tomorrow night, they play the scrubby Kings in Sacramento (the Kings are just 8-7 at Arco) before visiting the Chris Paul-less Hornets and the worst-in-the-West Grizzlies. After that, they host beatable Seattle.
Even with the Warriors road struggles, they should win at least three of the next four games, and could win all four. If they do, that’s a six-game win streak and they’re four games over .500.
It could happen. Right?
It had better happen, or come close to happening. Because after Seattle is at Phoenix, vs. Orlando and Miami at home, a home-and-home with the Clippers (who own the Warriors), a home date with King James and a road game at the Lakers. They could lose at least five of those games (they’ll at least beat the Magic and Cavaliers at home), which would drop them back around .500.
See why this stretch is important? If they blow these games, they’re looking at five or six games under .500.

Marcus Thompson