We Want Powe!

It’s normally embarrassing to have a crowd chanting for the coach to play you. If you need the crowd to help get you in the game, cahnces are you aren’t pretty good. A perennial bench rider myself, I know firsthand that you would just as soon be forgotten than to get sympathy minutes.
But Doc Rivers did the right thing Friday, caving in to chants of “We Want Powe” by the Oracle Arena crowd. The standing ovation he received when he got off the bench and when his name was called, the loud cheer he received when he scored his first basket — that could go a long way to boosting his confidence.
Talking to Leon yesterday, he couldn’t wait to get here. He couldn’t wait to play in front of his home crowd as an NBA player. With the rookie trials he endured, he could use the positive energy. He’s fighting for minutes, struggling with the schemes and suffering through the Boston winter. He had a family and friends gathering at his house today and got to see some familiar faces he desperately needed to see. He had such a good time, he didn’t even stay in his S.F. hotel room last night. And to top it off, he had five points and four rebounds in three minutes — giving his home crowd a chance to support their jewel.
Thanks, Doc.

Marcus Thompson