Hanging Chads?

The second returns for the All-Star balloting are in and after checking them out, I couldn’t help but ask myself: Do Warriors fans vote, or do they just vote for other players?
Check out the West centers tally. Yao Ming (1,411,923); Amaré Stoudemire (485,642); Erick Dampier (218,833); Mehmet Okur (153,601); Marcus Camby (117,606); Chris Kaman (61,202); Brad Miller (59,859); Tyson Chandler (56,874); Chris Mihm (55,583); Francisco Elson (54,442).
Notice whose missing? Andris Biedrins.
The guy is having a career season. One of the brightest spots for the Warriors. How does Francisco Elson and Brad Miller and Tyson Chandler have more votes? Where are all the Warriors homers? Or are Bay Area fans extremely just with their selections and can’t bring themselves to pick Andris over Yao?
With the year Baron Davis is having, why does Jason Terry, Manu Ginobili and Jerry Stackhouse have more votes?
C’mon, Warriors fans. Explain yourselves.

Marcus Thompson

  • Anonymous

    Marcus, the voting may be partially influenced by your blog’s pessimism about the team’s players :p Granted, they’ve been bad so long, you aren’t the only one skeptical of them.

  • Anonymous

    It’s because he’s not on the ballot

  • Marcus Thompson

    Write him in.