B-More, Carmelo

It goes without saying that ‘Melo was way out of pocket by bombing on Mardy Collins like that. But, if you’re going to be ‘hood, be ‘hood. ‘Melo lost points in the NBA world and the commercial world with his actions in Saturday’s brawl. But he also lost points in the streets with his rapid retreat after landing his surprise blow. He was backpedalling Champ Baily.
‘Melo. You’re from the 410. I know, because it’s on your Jordans, which I have. You’re representing one of the toughest, most dangerous cities in the country and you’re pulling off a hit-and-run on national TV like that? If you were a character on the Wire, set in your hometown of Baltimore, they’d put you in a vacant for a stunt like that.
Melo was out of like, totally, for what he did. I do not support violence of any kind. But at least Stephen Jackson went full-fledge with his thuggery. Jermaine O’Neal didn’t half run after unleashing his haymakers.
Melo’s back-pedaling was almost as bad Ron Artest, who was angry and tough enough to run into the crowd during Brawl I, but not to take on Ben Wallace.
C’mon, Melo. Either B-More. Or B-More!


Monta’s Got a Lot to Learn

With Baron Davis on the court, Don Nelson repeatedly put the ball in Monta’s hands and told him to make a play. Opportunity.
He was on the positive end of a height, speed and athleticism disparity against Steve Nash, who is a lackluster defender at best. Advantage.
The result was three turnovers, no points and a spot on the bench in the final minute plus. Failure.
“He’s good and bad,” Don Nelson said after the Warriors loss to Phoenix. “He’s just a young player that’s going to have his ups and downs. I just need him to be consistent, but I understand that it’s going to take some growth and some years. He’s only 21 years old. I’m very proud of him. He’s a terrific player. I just have to wait on him, but I’m 66, I can’t be too patient.”
Ellis has to develop his left hand, has to develop a go-to move and has to learn time and situation. He is an exceptional talent, but his youth and inexperience sometimes overshadows his ability. It did Friday, tainting a 24-point, six-assist performance. Ellis takes too many low-percentage jumpers at the wrong time. He can’t improvise with his dribble when the defense takes away his strengths and he doesn’t get to the free throw line enough.
As good as he’s been, Friday displayed how much he has still to learn. Can you imagine how good he will be when he gets that down?


Keep the Trade Rumors Coming

Because obviously, Baron plays better when he’s mentioned on the trade block.
Did you see him split the defenders and take off on Bonzi Wells? That was a player clearly on a mission to prove his worth. That was a player frustrated with losing and looking to lift his team.
Check out Davis’ numbers since the news about Iverson demanding a trade, and subsequently the trade speculation, surfaced last Friday:

19.3 points, 12.0 assists and 8.0 rebounds and just 2.3 turnovers

That’s not counting tonight’s game in Houston. With 4:24 left in the game, Baron’s got 31 points and seven assists in 31 minutes.
For Boom Dizzle, he’s so good and the game comes so easy to him sometimes that I think he needs some motivation. And nothing motivates him like being doubted and having something to prove.
So when the Iverson trade rumors die, the Warriors should start up another one. Baron for Chauncey Billups, straight up. Yeah, that outta keep this hot streak going.


Wow, Yao!

What if the ping pong balls had fallen differently? What if, like the NFL, the worst record in the league garnered the highest draft pick?
Yao Ming would have been a Warrior.
How good would the Warriors be if they had a lineup featuring Yao, Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy and Gilbert Arenas (he would’ve stayed if they had Yao)?
This dude Yao is no joke. He is a Hall of Famer, and because of his game and not his social impact. He’s practically unstoppable if he gets the ball steadily. He’s so big and skilled. And you can’t even foul him like you do Shaq because Yao’s an excellent free throw shooter (how many centers shoot the tecnical fouls?).
Especially if he stays with Tracy McGrady, Yao’s got a few championships in him. Remember, he’s only 26 and this is just fifth year. He’s got a lot of growing still to do.
Just think. He could’ve been a Warrior.


Warriors Hang On

Whaddayaknow! The Warriors pull out a big fourth quarter and cruise to victory. They should take a lesson from this game: get to the cup!
The Warriors scored 10 of their 48 points in the paint in the fourth quarter and knocked down 8 of 10 free throws to keep the Kings out of the game. They only took five 3-pointers in the fourth quarter, knocking down three, and dished 8 of their 33 assists.
The Warriors escaped another choke job because they stayed aggressive attacking the basket and moving the ball instead of settling for jumpers. That and the Kings aren’t that good.


Another Big First Half

The Warriors shot 55.6 percent and racked up 68 points in the first half. They led by as much as 16 points. Baron had 10 points and eight assists. Barnes had 14 points and seven rebounds. Michael Pietrus dropped 13. Everything was cruising along.
So why do I feel like they’re going to lose?
Oh, that’s right. They can’t finish games. Let’s see what happens.


Poor Murph

If I’m Troy Murphy, I want to be traded.
I’f I’m Murphy, I’m ready for a new start. Forget this small ball stuff. Don Nelson, in effect, has neutralized the Murphy’s contributions. There was a time when you could count on 15 and 10 from Murphy. This year, he’s averaging 11 and 6 (though his assists are way up).
The fact is, Murphy is not a center in a small lineup. He’s a power forward in any lineup. This business of spotting him up and that’s it, it just doesn’t fit his game. He never gets to the line anymore, he hardly grabs an offensive rebound. He’s totally reliant on his teammates getting him the rock.
Murphy needs to be in a halfcourt system, or at least play for a team that likes to get the big men involved. He needs some plays run his way. At least Monty used to dump it down to him some, pick-and-pop him to death. Considering his defensive shortcomings, Murphy needs to be a factor on the offensive end to justify his minutes. As it stands now, he’s an after thought — which is why he’s sitting on the bench in the fourth quarter. There are ocassional games where he’ll go off for a big night — his shot will be falling, the defense will be focused elsewhere, his teammates will be looking for him. But those nights won’t be the regular. Not on this team. Not in this system.
That’s why, if I’m Murphy, I’d be hoping my locker is emptied out.