Live By The J…

The Warriors shot themselves in the foot. They have yet to learn that jumpers don’t fall as much on the road, down the stretch, coming from behind. Monta, Roberson, Barnes – they all took some terrible shots down teh stretch instead of getting to the basket.
This one hurts because the Warriors are now 1-5 on the road, with a six-game road trip coming up.You don’t win on the road by shooting jumpers. You win on the road by getting layups, getting to the foul line, cherishing possessions and looking for the best possible shot.
But this is what happens when you one player who can create off the dribble and one player who can create in the paint (who is injured and unavailable). That’s on Chris Mullin. He assembled this roster.


What happened to the offense?

Remember when the Warriors used to run the break, knock down open threes and convert alley oops from halfcourt? Now the offense looks eerily similar to last year’s. They are walking the ball up court, relying on Baron to make something happen.
They really miss Richardson, and Diogu.
They miss Richardson because opposing defenses had to pay attention to him, which opened things up for others. Nevermind the 15-25 points he gave you, the diversion alone was helpful.
They miss Diogu because now when the offense stalls, they have nowhere to go other than Baron. Ideally, when jumpers aren’t falling and the fast break is stalled, you’d like to get the ball inside. Diogu is their best low-post player and would be a big help to the offense and inside-out game if they could go to him even in spots.


Allen Iverson for Jason Richardson?

The Sixers won’t take Baron Davis. Dunleavy and/or Murphy won’t be enough. Maybe the make the trade if J-Rich is involved. Maybe the take Pietrus and Murphy and Diogu, but they’ll likely want a major player.
Would you do it? Or would you only acquire Iverson if it didn’t mean giving up Richardson?
Your thoughts.


Ten Reasons

I’m going to bite David Letterman a little bit with a Ten Reasons segment of the blog, though I assuredly won’t be as funny. This edition, as I watch Houston run circles around Oakland’s best JV Squad, is “Ten Reasons: The Warriors Won’t Make the Playoffs.”
10. Richardson’s Health – Chances are, he won’t ever get to the health and conditioning he’s accustomed to. It’s just too hard to play catch-up during the season. If and when he does catch-up, it will probably be too late.
9. Too Young – They just have too many inexperienced players in the meat of the rotation
8. Not Athletic Enough – Especially in the frontcourt. They just don’t match up with the horses in the West.
7. They Don’t Make Free Throws – Leaving so many points at the line always catches up with you.
6. Baron Isn’t Ready to Lead – He can take over a game, even carry a team from time to time, but he can’t overcome flawed teammates like a Kobe or LeBron.
5. They Don’t Have Enough Creators – Even with Nelson’s offensive genius, Baron is the only player who can consistently create shots for himself and others
4. They Don’t Play Defense – Playoff teams, even the poor defensive ones, get stops when necessary.
3. They Don’t Score Consistently Enough – They have offensive fire power, but because they rely on jump shots, which don’t fall as much on the road and when the pressure’s on, they will always be prone to droughts.
2. They Can’t Finish – The Warriors blow too many games down the stretch, something they can’t afford to do in a playoff hunt.
1. The Western Conference is Too Tough – Considering Dallas, San Antonio, Utah, Phoenix and the Clippers are playoff locks, that leaves three spots. But Houston, Denver, the Lakers and the Hornets are all better teams. So even if the Clippers never get going (which they will), there’s still no room for the Warriors.

Feel free to come up with your own Ten Reasons. Or Five. Or Three. Or Whatever,



It is simply amazing how known shooters like Brent Barry and Bruce Bowen continue to be wide-open. I just don’t understand why no one is saying (maybe they are and no one’s listening) don’t leave the shooters.
Anybody in the NBA almost can hit a wide-open 3. Brent Barry and Bruce Bowen, that’s how they make their money.
It’s a surprise they entered Monday’s game ranked 10th in the league in 3-point percentage defense. They’re dropping after tonight because the Spurs are 6-for-14 already.


Protective Nellie

With Jason Richardson out, Ellis started. But Nellie started the game with a couple of unusual defensive moves. He opened the game with Murphy on Tim Duncan and Baron Davis off the ball and guarding Bruce Bowen.
Everyone knows Murphy stands no chance at guarding Duncan. But my guess is he did it to protect Andris from getting in early foul trouble. He started Baron off the ball, my guess, to save his legs for the end of the game. Because without J-Rich, it could be a 40-plus minute night for Baron.
I say it’s just another sign of Nelson’s ability to improvise and adjust.


J-Rich stayed home

The Warriors will try to win in San Antonio tonight, and Houston tomorrow, without their starting shooting guard. Jason Richardson remained in the Bay Area to rest his ailing left knee.
Richardson will get a week to rest as a result, as the Warriors won’t play again until Saturday. He needed to do something, because he’s look rather unimpressive the last few games. I wouldn’t expect him to be back to full speed until after the All-Star break.
This probably means Monta Ellis is back in the starting lineup tonight.