Bobcats Can Help the Warriors

The Bobcats’ acquiring Jeff McInnis from New Jersey gives them three point guards — Brevin Knight, Raymond Felton and McInnis. Both McInnis ($3.6M) and Knight ($1.5M buyout for 2007-08) are expiring contracts. Which is extra salary cap flexibility to go with the $10 million in cap room they already have.
All this means Charlotte has the cap space to absorb some of the Warriors contracts. It might require a first-rounder or Jason Richardson, but they could do it. For instance, the Warriors could package Troy Murphy and a draft pick for Brevin Knight Knightand the deal would work even though the salaries don’t match because the Bobcats have cap room to absorb the salary. (That’s just an example.)
The Bobcats like their young players, but they still need a shooting guard and can improve at center, especially athletically. They may be interested in Murphy (and move Emeka Okafor to center and bring Sean May off the bench) too.
They will likely prefer to spend their cap money on the star player they need, a la Vince Carter. But maybe Mullin can convince them to deal.

Marcus Thompson

  • Rio


    It would also be nice to get Melvin Ely in a trade scenario with Charlott. We could use a big body with some post skills. With all the guards already on this team it seems to be a waste to add another. Charlott has 3 PF and Ely rarely sees action anymore and has recently asked to be traded.

    I have a question before I sign off. Is there a trade scenario that could get Dunleavey out of Oakland and down to LA to play for his dad? I know he is playing better than Murphy (so he is better trade bait) and his contract is not as cumbersome, but he was the #3 pick and he has just not panned out. If we could get an expiring contract we could committe $ to Pietrus next season.