Baron’s Gonna Get Hosed

The third ballot returns are in, and still no sign of Baron Davis, though Jerry Stackhouse is over the 200K mark. Not only isn’t he getting any votes, his chances of being added on have slimmed with Allen Iverson coming to the West.
Kobe and McGrady are going to be the starting guards. Steve Nash is a lock as a reserve guard, and the second guard spot is wide open (the West coaches could use one of their two wild card selections to add another guard, but the forward position is even more deep than guard). Allen Iverson, especially if he takes Denver on a win streak, will likely end up getting the nod. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stern forced the coaches’ hand under the table. But, if Gregg Popovich ends up the coach, Tony Parker could make his way on the roster. If Mike D’Antoni ends up the coach, chances are there is only one spot because you know Marion and Stoudemire will take up the wild card spots. Does he give the last guard spot to Chris Paul, who played for him in the World Championships? Does he reward Raja Bell?
If Avery Johnson ends up the coach, my bet is that Jason Terry gets that other guard spot.
Either way, it seems Baron will get the shaft though he’s playing above everyone’s expectations. First off, he’s been healthy, playing in 30 of the 34 games. He’s leading the Warriors in points (21.3), assists (8.6), steals (1.97) and minutes (37.4). He leads all qualified West guards in assist-to-turnover ration (3.15). Only Chauncey Billups (3.68) and Jason Kidd (3.15) have better rations among qualified guards.
Considering Davis has been a one-man show for much of the season, these are certainly All-Star caliber numbers. But, the way it looks now, the only reason Davis will be in Vegas come February 18 is to sleep in his own bed.

Marcus Thompson