Maggette a Nice Fit

According to many NBA insiders, the Clippers want badly to trade Corey Maggette. And according to published reports, Maggette feels the same.
Currently, the Clippers may want too much for the Warriors liking. But as their desired trades fall through and they get desperate (they’ve already tried to use Maggette to get Iverson and Artest), the Warriors would do good to jump in and swoop Maggette up.
How explosive would the Warriors be with (a healthy) Richardson, Pietrus, Ellis, Barnes and Maggette — with Baron leading the break? Sure, Maggette would be another Warrior who doesn’t let poor percentage deter his outside shooting. But if Nellie can reel him in like he did Pietrus, he would be a nice addition. Even if the Warriors don’t give up Dunleavy, which would leave a glut at SF, it would still be worth the investment. The Warriors need more talent. They need more please who can produce conistently, create mismatches. Maggette can do that, and at a reasonable price (his average salary is less than Dunleavy’s).
The Feb. 22 trade deadline will be hear before you know it. With the way the Clippers are struggling, they are going to be eager to rid the distraction Maggette has become and get some help for their final playoff push. And if they can’t land KG, the Warriors should be right there to give it to them.

Marcus Thompson