Foyle Looking Good

Is it me, or have the Warriors been successful when Foyle plays? Sure, it has something do with the fact that Nellie only puts him in against good big men or when things are desperate. But his hustle and grit stands out on this finesse team.
Foyle might turn out to be a valuable piece late in the season. He won’t be valuable enough to turn down a trade offer involving his contract, but considering the unlikelihood of that, he could be useful. Though Nellie expected little to nothing from Foyle, his gerth and defensive experience will come in handy late in the season, when the games get slower and stops become more vital, as the Warriors battle for a postseason spot. As long as Nellie can stomach a slower pace, which it may behoove him to do considering the Warriors have failed to get stops before.
Andris is already on his fourth wind. Ike Diogu isn’t polished enough on defense. Matt Barnes is too small to add defending the post to his list of duties. The fact is, Foyle is the only player on the roster to bring what he brings. Don’t be surprised if that works to the Warriors advantage somehow.

Marcus Thompson

  • sean

    its a good point, because nellie has to see where to put foyle in a position to succeed. and the team does benefit from his skills. the sad thing about dunleavy (except for 2 or 3 games)and murphy (so far) is they’ve yet to really even look as good as foyle and they’ve had just as many chances.