Whew! That Was Scary

If you were watching the first part of the Warriors game, you probably panicked when you saw Pietrus go down with what looked like a season-ending injury.
It turns out that Mickael Pietrus suffered sprained left ankle. But the way Pietrus crumbled, and had to be carried off the court, it looked more like an amputated left ankle (someone at the game joked that it was the Frenchman in him).
Granted, it might turn out to be one of those 4 to 6 week ankle injuries. But that’s better than a torn ACL. The Warriors can’t afford to lose anybody, but if Pietrus went down for the rest of the season, that might’ve been the season. At least — from initial analysis — he should be around for the second half of the season.
This bodes well for Kelenna Azubuike, whose spot on the roster for the rest of the season is all but locked up now, if it wasn’t already. The good news is, for Warriors fans, there is still hope the Warriors will be completely healthy at some point this season.

Marcus Thompson