What Was Indiana Thinking?

I get it. They were tired of Stephen Jackson’s act and wanted to get rid of them.
I understand Troy Murphy fits better into their system and can stretch the floor for Jermaine O’Neal.
And maybe they really think highly of Ike Diogu.
But I don’t see why they would make this trade. I don’t think what they get is enough to justify signing off. They are taking on bigger, longer contracts. They are getting shortchanged in the talent department. While Murphy may be good in their system, they have gotten worse in the chemistry department. They now have 58 forwards (no way Dunleavy starts over Granger, right?). They took a team that had mediocre offense and solid defensive and added players who are streaky offensively and poor defensively.
I think Murph will be good for them. I do. That style fits his game better. But do they really feel as if he and Dunleavy are better fits than Harrington and Jackson?

Marcus Thompson

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    I agree with you MT II. I think Indy was nuts to get less talent AND a bigger contract load. Harrington and Jackson will both thrive as Nellieball players — but even if both both are busts, this is addition by substraction, in that the team will be able to re-sign Biedrins, Barnes, and Ellis, and probably Pietrus.

    The only downer is that the Ws now have no true 4 on the roster, and no backup point guard. But then again, with McLeod they might as well have had no backup PG either. I guess we’ll continue to see Baron playing 43 mins+, along with sets where Monta brings the ball up a lot — maybe even Azubuike? Would love to see you address who will start at 4 when everyone’s healthy. Harrington? Pietrus? Barnes?

    In any case, this is fantastic news for Warriors fans!

  • G-Funk

    you know, sometimes when you know you did something wrong or received something you shouldn’t have, and you turn around, head down, quiet, looking guilty as hell, and walk away as soon as you can before someone calls you on your wrong-doing or notices that you shouldn’t have received those items?

    let’s just keep walking…

  • jb

    Nelson, the GS fans, and the local press got what they wished for. (You know what they say about that.) The local press and the fans bought into Nelson using Dunleavy and Murphy as scapegoats.
    They can all now sit back and relax thinking that Donnie Walsh and Larry Bird were born yesterday.
    Good luck!!

  • With a gang load of Swingers (not that kind!), the Dubs can now trade MP. Why MP? because his trade value is high. I heard that Detroit wants to trade Nazr for backcourt help…time for MP to go?