Dunleavy to Clippers?

There was a rumor about the Pacers shipping Mike Dunleavy Jr. to the Clippers for Corey Maggette. Don’t believe it.
Pacers head basketball honcho Donnie Walsh shot down that rumor.
“Absolutely untrue,” Walsh told the Indy Star.

Marcus Thompson

  • jb

    Barkley was fairly clear that “the trade” helped Indiana and not GS. Smith did not think it helped GS. Mass hysteria in Oakland fueled by Nelson have blinded the local press and the fans
    ( who already used Dunleavy as a scapegoat,)
    Not sure where the concept that Harrington and Jackson are an answer to anything, except to give Davis his buddies to hang with.

  • Marcus Thompson

    If you’re turning to Barkey and Smith to figure out who got the advantage in a trade, you’re in trouble. Say they’re right. Say Harrington and Jackson aren’t better than Murphy and Dunleavy (which is crazy on its on). Are you seriously going to say that shaving $30-plus million off future salary obligations doesn’t benefit the Warriors? Are you seriously of the opinion that McLeod is a better back-up for Baron than Sarunas?

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    The national media isn’t doing very good analysis, period. I saw another commentator on ESPN who said that Indiana did the trade to improve shooting and rebounding. Troy can do those things, as long as you’re willing to overlook the fact that he can’t guard anyone. And hey, *maybe* he can be the “perimeter 5” to draw the opponents’ center away from O’Neal working in the block.

    But Dunleavy as a shooter and rebounder? Just read Nellie’s blunt comments about his weak work on the boards after Dun lost his starting job! One of the Indy fans put it best: Dunleavy’s like Kyle Korver without the reliable jump shot.