Ten Reasons

I’ve had time to think about it, sit back and reflect. The more I think about it and analyze it, the more I am convinced this was a great trade for the Warriors — even with the inclusion of Ike Diogu, who I admittedly was enamored with. But, there are some who think the Pacers got the better end of the deal. I simply can’t understand that thinking. Even worse, some fans and experts think the Warriors didn’t get anything out of this deal. Unbelievable. Nonetheless, here are Ten Reasons this was a great trade for the Warriors.

10.No More Skinny Headbands – Can you imagine Stephen Jackson, or Sarunas Jasikevicius, sportin’ the soccer scrunchie?

9. No More Missed Layups – Perhaps the worst parts of Dunleavy and Murphy’s game was their inability to finish. The two combined to miss more layups, wasted more three-point play opportunities, than the CBA should allow. The Warriors added two guys who know how to finish. I can’t wait!

8. Free Throws – There’s no question who will be shooting the technicals. Sarunas shoots 92.2 percent. Jackson shoots 82.2 percent.

7. Games Missed – Jackson hasn’t missed more than two games in a season because of injury in the last five seasons. Save for last season in Atlanta, when he missed 16 games, Harrington has been consistently healthy the last five years. Can’t say the same for Murphy and Diogu.

6. Better Flexibility – The Warriors exchanged Dunleavy and Murphy’s contracts for more moveable contracts, which will help come the Feb. 22 trade deadline. Dunleavy’s base year status wasn’t that bad (the Warriors could only take a salary back of up to $4.5 million for Dunleavy, which was feasible), but it the remaining $37.5 million over four years was a load. Murphy’s deal was long and hefty. Jackson, if he can keep his act together and ball for the next month, has a much easier contract to move (three years, $21M after this year). As is Harrington, who signed a four-year $35 million deal this summer and has a player option for the fourth year. Sarunas has one year left for $4 million with a player option and Josh Powell is an expiring contract. Now, the only lengthy, costly contracts the Warriors have are Richardson’s (which is movable because of his production) and Foyle’s.

5. Back-Up Point Guard – Sarunas is tough, can penetrate, and is a good shooter. He’s won before, he’s been a star. He has enough experience that Nellie should be comfortable resting Baron.

4. Competition is Good – How motivated do you think Pietrus is, now that the Warriors brought someone in who plays his position? What about Richardson, who has been pushed further into the back of the people’s mind? And Barnes, who seems to thrive as an underdog and has to fight to keep his spot in the rotation? Nothing like new talent to keep everyone on their toes.

3. Change is Good – The Warriors were going nowhere fast. There’s nothing like a trade to inject some life into a dying season. It happened two years ago when the Warriors traded for Baron. Only this time, they have a chance to make it count.

2. Better Fastbreak – With two supreme athletes, the Warriors transition game just stepped up a notch. Imagine Baron leading a break with Pietrus on one side, Stephen Jackson on the other. Imagine a two-on-one with Ellis and Harrington. Now imagine Keith McLeod leading a break with Dunleavy on one side and Murphy on the other.

1. Cap relief – That’s over $30 million they have freed up and can use to sign Andris and Monta, and/or go after a star.

Marcus Thompson