Pistons Offering Mohammed

The Warriors have at least talked with Detroit about a trade involving Pistons center Nazr Mohammed. It’s just talks at this point, as Chris Mullin is always willing to listen. But based on what I’m hearing, I wouldn’t expect it to happen.
The Pistons want perimeter help. They especially want a back-up point guard. According to a source, they have tried to lure Monta Ellis, Mickael Pietrus, Sarunas Jasikevicius and Matt Barnes away from the Warriors. But it’s unlikely, at least not until the trade deadline, for a few reasons.
First off, Mullin wants to look at his new team for a while first. He wants to see what they chemistry is like, how the new guys produce, how the incumbents respond. Then he’ll decide if he’s willing to part with anybody.
Secondly, Mohammed’s contract might be just too big. He signed a five-year, $30 million deal with Detroit this summer. He has four years, $25 million remaining after this season. The Warriors just cut a chunk of salary cap space for the future. I doubt they’d want to give it back right away for Mohammed.
Thirdly, the Warriors have Foyle making good money on the bench. The Warriors would be better served using him as Biedrins’ back-up. They don’t need too many big men anyway. They’re going small, remember.
I don’t think Mohammed is worth giving up one of the perimeter players anyway. At best, he’s a rebounder and a defender who maybe gets a few touches a game. Remember, he rode the bench in San Antonio during the playoffs because Gregg Popovich didn’t think he could match-up with the tempo of the Kings and Mavericks. I trust Pop. Mohammed probably wouldn’t fit the Warriors style no more than Foyle.
Fortunately, they’re just talks anyway.

Marcus Thompson

  • beau

    they’re not doing this. it doesn’t make any sense financially or basketball wise. he’s not a nellie player. the only they go after mohammed is if a 3rd team becomes involved and they can (somehow) unload foyle’s contract

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    It doesn’t strike me as a good sign that both Gregg Poppovich and Joe Dumars signed N.M. and then gave up on him after watching him for about a year. If Mohammed can’t fit in as a defensive rebounder with these two quintessentially defensive teams, than he’s not a good guy for the Ws to pick up.