Stephen Jackson is a beast

He has some bad habits (bad shots, driving into traffic), but after one game, it’s clear to see he is superior athletically and has much more potential to be dominant consistently than Mike Dunleavy.
He took over with his defense early on. How often have you seen that from any of the guys who were traded to Indiana.
I know it’s his first game. I know there are some bad ones to come. But you can already see what he can bring. The question isn’t can he do it, but will he consistently.
Remember, anything you get from Jackson is a bonus. The primary aspects of the deal were the $30-plus million in cap relief and Harrington. If Jackson can be close to what he was Saturday on a regular basis, that’s icing on the cake.

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    Marcus, it’s not those bad habits we worry about unless it’s driving into traffic blasting off “caps”

  • James

    I remember last year when we played the Pacers and both O’neal and Artest were out. Jackson almost singlehadedly beat us. he did the same thing to quite a few teams during that stretch. He can clearly play it will just depend on whether he is happy to play a smaller role once Richardson comes back and the team is at full strength.

    If he doesnt perform well i feel he will be easy to trade elsewhere