Active Defense

One thing that stands out about the new-look Warriors is their activity on defense. Certainly, a lot of it has to do with the emotion from a new trade. But along with the intensity and energy on defense, the length and quickness is noticeable. As Bob Fitzgerald pointed out on the broadcast, the Warriors had more deflections against Cleveland than in any other game this season. Because of Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson’s length and burst, they cover more ground and are better defenders by default.
In the first quarter, Harrington reached around and ripped Luke Walton on the baseline. That’s just pure length and quick hands.
The Warriors forced 13 turnovers, and got 16 points off those turnovers, in the first 16 minutes of the game.
With Baron playing the role of the gnat, sneaking around getting in the way all over the court (as he has been all season), and Pietrus being able to defend on the ball, the Warriors defense is clearly improved.
Now, you won’t see it in field goal percentage and points allowed, but in turnovers created. That’s what the Warriors need to get the break going. If they can defensive rebound better, they will be even more potent.

Marcus Thompson