Gasol to Bulls?

There are reports that Chicago and Memphis have talked about a trade involving Pau Gasol. Rarely are trades good for both teams, but this would be one of them.
You can’t win in the West playing halfcourt ball unless you have Tim Duncan. And even the Spurs have been trying to be more uptempo, more high octane, by adding athletes like Francisco Elsen and Fabricio Oberto to go with Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.
So, the Grizzlies — who have a few promising athletes — are better off without Gasol, especially if they can land Luol Deng and/or Kirk Hinrich and/or Ben Gordon in return. Add a star like Vince Carter this offseason, and they’ll be pretty good.
The Bulls can use Gasol, on the other hand. The East is slower and more structured. Put Gasol next to Ben Wallace, Tyrus Thomas and Andres Nocioni. That’s a front line that can make some noise in the East. They’d have defense and offense and would be an even stronger force in the Central Division.

Marcus Thompson