All-Star Starters Set

This is why the fan vote should be just a consideration, part of the process, and not the final say. Or the fans should vote for the reserves or something. Because, as it is now, one of the highest honors in the game comes down to a Homecoming ritual.
Once again, fans hosed a deserving player for a popular one. Shaq is the East’s starting center. He’s played four games before the balloting ended. Why not give some love to somebody who actually played, let alone done well? Orlando’s Dwight Howard, New York’s Eddy Curry — how about Alonzo Mourning, the guy who replaced Shaq in the lineup — deserves the honor. Instead, Shaq got it because he has a Nestle Crunch commercial.
That’s a joke.
At least the fans got one right, selecting Gilbert Arenas over Vince Carter. With a late surge, Arenas edged out Carter (by 3,010 votes) for one of the guard spots. He certainly deserves it more than Carter. It’s good to see the fans reward someone who actually deserves it. But you have to wonder. Would Gilbert had gotten the nod if not for the adidas commercial?
“You’re not a fool, are you?”

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    Gilbert probably stuffed the ballot box 🙂