Barnes: “What You Say Nellie?”

That’s how you answer the bell, Matt Barnes.
Check out his stat line from Wednesday night: 14 points, 10 rebounds, a steal, and a block in 23 minutes.
He was all over the floor. He did a little bit of everything. He showed he’s got some fight. Even Nellie had to bow down.
“Matt was terrific,” Nellie said after the game. “I got his attention. He actually guarded some people. He got a block. I thought it was good. We talked and we laughed about it, too. … He played a terrific game and he was one of the reasons we won.”
Of course, Barnes could be just raising his value for the Warriors to ship him. He said he wants to stay, and he knows he fits this system.
But should the Warriors keep him or use his success to get something else they need? What do you think?

Marcus Thompson

  • itsagreattimeout

    I really believe Barnes wants to stay. Other than playing for Sac, this is probably his favorite location. I know he likes the Bay Area. He likes the Warriors, and he likes Nelson.
    Now as for the Warriors, I think he’s expendable. I don’t mean we should trade him, I’m just saying, we could if we wanted to. Some team may want to go Cardinal on him. We may be able to dangle him for something greater, and if we can, we should. But ultimately I like him with the Warriors in the long term. He’s just what we need: a great role player. He won’t complain about not starting, he shouldn’t be too expensive, he’s versatile, he fits the system, and he can spark the team. I see good things for him with the Warriors. Anywhere else is a great unknown, and probably nothing Barnes wants.

  • commish

    It’s hard to know what to do with Barnes without knowing Nellie and Mully’s overall plan with the plethora of swing players. Right now none of the 2/3’s are playing consistently well and we have no idea how Richardson will play when he returns or what will happen with Jackson’s legal issues. All I know is I loved his effort against the Nets.

  • dareedle

    Unfortunately, for Mullie, the players that have the best season for the Warriors are in contract years (Boykins, Dampier, Arenas, BC, Pietrus). For the most part, players with big fat contracts (Fisher, Foyle, Murphy and Dunleavy) have underacheived for this franchise with a history of losing. Nellie is more likely to find success with players on the fringes (Diop, Howard, Daniels, Pietrus, Barnes) than big contract players (Dunleavy, Murphy, Foyle).

  • jake

    good comments guys