I See Why Mullin Wanted Harrington

I have always liked Harrington’s game, especially in his first stint with the Pacers. Though his numbers with Atlanta couldn’t be trusted, because it was the Hawks, I still always thought fairly highly of him. He’s so athletic and versatile.
But I couldn’t be sure.
I hadn’t seem him enough. Plus, I had heard he pouts when he doesn’t get enough shots (which is allegedly why he left Indiana for Atlanta, because there weren’t many shots for him in a Pacers uniform). I had heard he gets lazy on defense and he doesn’t rebound.
So even though I thought it was a good idea when I heard the Warriors were going after him, I had some reservations.
But after just a few games, it is clear Harrington is an upgrade. Even with all his knocks, he has an impact on the game, a positive one, nearly every time he steps on the court. What I like about his game is that teams MUST focus on him. They MUST include him in their game plan, which takes some of the attention away from Baron Davis.
Yes, it’s just Charlotte, but Harrington was 7-for-9 for 21 points in the first half Saturday. He had 30 against the Lakers, 29 against New Jersey. He really is a walking mismatch. He’s done it inside, outside and in transition.
Sure, he needs to rebound better. No doubt, he needs to get in better shape. And he could probably exert more energy on defense.
But, from where I sit, Al is looking like a coupe.

Marcus Thompson

  • James

    Man, you’re quick with these blog posts aren’t you? The game isn’t even over yet! Anyway, Harrington is doing everything but rebounding out there. Once he picks that up, he’ll be an even bigger threat.

    Btw, it seems the Pacers are doing real well with Murphleavy. What are your thoughts about our ex-Warriors? Make an entry about that if you can 🙂